Welcome To NLCC 142 Aurora!
For children aged 9 to 11
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Who we are

Giving youth new skills and opportunities

Youth aged 9 to 11

We accept youth in Prince George from their 9th birthday until they turn 12

Come sail with us

NLCC Aurora cadets get the opportunity to participate in a large mass-camp during the summer. They can learn to sail, marksmanship, and outdoor safety and survival

Learn new skills

Cadets learn about healthy living, citizenship, leadership, teamwork, and develop a sense of duty, self discipline, and respect for others.

What we do

Make friends! Have fun!

  • Summer Camp

    In Stanley Park, Vancouver

    Each year, we bring cadets to HMCS Discovery to participate in activities such as sailing, marksmanship and outdoor safety & survival

  • Parade Nights

    On Monday evenings

    While following a Ship’s Routine, cadets will participate in evening parades & classes, including citizenship, rope work, drill, seamanship and leadership

  • St John's Ambulance First Aid

    Stay calm and aid on

    Cadets will learn practical skills to help someone who has become hurt or suddenly ill. They will learn St John’s Ambulance Emergency First Aid during their classes. Cadets will participate in a yearly competition in April

  • Drill Team

    Put your self discipline to the test

    Cadets will learn a drill routine to compete with in Vancouver every Spring. We focus on the Drill, Dress and Deportment while on the team

  • Marksmanship

    Safe air rifle handling

    Cadets will learn proper rifle safety (including ACTS and PROVE from the RCMP PAL Program) while shooting air rifles in our range.

  • Come
    with us!

Our Leadership

The volunteers in charge of our local corps

Lt(NL) Kristine Taylor

Lt(NL) Kristine Taylor

Commanding Officer

  • Runs the corps locally
  • Officer contact to the Branch
Ms Shawna Meyer

Ms Shawna Meyer

Branch President

  • Runs the Prince George Branch
  • Organizes parent volunteers
  • Directs fundraising activities
Mr Luke Barone

Mr Luke Barone

Navy League Chair

  • Liason between Officers and Branch
  • Really awesome person
  • Coordinates Navy League parent volunteers

To create and maintain a safe, fun environment, all of our dedicated volunteers, both officers and branch members, undergo a strict screening and training process.

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